Det finns många som vill kalla sig Oleander men bara en är rätt. Här följer en e-postkonversation mellan Anders och ett tyskt dataföretag som gjorde våld på vårt stolta namn...

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Från: Anders Oleander []
Datum: 1999-05-30
Ämne: This is a complaint

Dear Sir

My brother came across your "oleander" website ( and he directly pointed my attention to it. Before this we didn't know about your pluggin.

The thing is that you may think that you have found out a good brand name for your product, but we do not. We find it most patronizing that you use our old family name in such a trivial way. Think of it from our point of view, would you have liked it if someone patented your family name and used it for breakfast cereal? What would be next, Smith the Word Processor? Or Muller the Web browser?

I strongly suggest that you change the name of the product to somethng less offending.

Yours sincerly
Anders J. Oleander

Från: Rudiger Hoppe []
Till: Anders Oleander []
Datum: 1999-06-11
Ämne: This is a complaint


After beeing shocked for weeks we considered and have now decided what to do in your 'case'. Nothing! :-) I can understand your motivation, but we believe that you shoul feel yourself honoured bearing the same name together with one of the most famous shareware components in history (50+ registrations).

Our first move was to choose a new name that changes the subject completely: LASAGNA. But then, this name had no connection to the OLE part of the software we had in mind at first and would have all Pizza Services sueing us immediately.

After discussing the subject in the development team we voted and had a 1398 yes to 97 no voting for: ANDERS. It was after recoding 1300MB of source that we recognized that this may not helping you, as we thought it would. Killing you as a method of getting rid of the annoyance was rejected, though. These times are over.

After a sleepless night I suddenly became aware of the flaw in your argumentation. The breakfast cereal! My own last name is used as the brand name of an apple juice known all over germany: It's called Alma Hoppe. And we have a rather stupid, childish song with the line:

Hoppe, hoppe Reiter,
wenn er fallt dann schreit er.
Fallt er in den Graben
fressen ihn die Raben.

This song had hurted me for years, but all my complaints where in vain. Alas, the composer is dead for centuries.

So we decided to stay with the name Oleander for better or worse.

If we have some time, we will implement a secret info screen popping up after typing CTRL-ALT-DELETE ANDERS_OLEANDER, praising you and your family (note the underscore)!

I hope that this helps you and stay

Yours sincerly
Rudiger Hoppe (note the Umlaut and just TRY to pronounce it correct ;-)
Hamburg, Germany

PS: Greetings to the 'surfing' brother
PPS: We are just launching a new product called 'Cape Horn'. Any problems with this name?

Från: Anders Oleander []
Till: Rudiger Hoppe []
Datum: 1999-06-15
Ämne: This is a complaint

Dear Rudiger

At first I was shocked. Then I was stunned. Then I was surprised. And finally I was laughing. I guess that a bit more upthight person would have been raving mad over such a daring reply.

I am glad that you rejected the assination plot. I would have been tiresome for me to become Swedens own Salman Rushdie. Now I can continue to live a somewhat normal life. Thanks för that.

Freud har ännu inte kommenterat Rudiers fall.
Freud har ännu inte kommenterat Rudiers fall.

I feel the depest compassion for your ruined childhood. Having your name in a silly song and a juice-brand haunting you, can't be easy. I wonder what Freud would have said about that (my Hischool psychology-course did not included him, oddly enough). Ever thought of undergo therapy?

I personally have no problem with "Cape Horn", but watch out for the Patagonians.

Yours sincerly
Anders J. Oleander
Kalmar, Sweden

p.s Tell me when you reach 100+ registrations so I know when the software has reached the "ultra famous" level.

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